Baby & Kid Blue Clouds Pullover

35.60 eur 89.00 eur

  • Blue sweater made of alpaca wool. This sweater with a soft and fluffy feel reminds you of the 80s and the first video games. Did you get eaten by the white ghost and end up losing a life? Rest assured, there is no danger of that happening with this sweater, no child will be eaten. The ghosts are irremovable thanks to the technique of intarsia, a method used to knit the jacquard. A very simple sweater with two long sleeves, 2X2 ribbing at the cuffs and hem, and around the neckline to keep the cold out. Want to play?
  • Octave is 1.24m tall and wears a 6 year old.
  • 20% alpaca, 35% Polyamide/Nylon, 45% Acrylic.


  • Maglione girocollo a manica lunga.
  • Ottavia è alta 1 e 24 ed indossa una 6 anni.
  • 20% alpaca, 35% poliammide, 45% acrilico.