Brown Baby Cardigan

69.00 eur

  • Striped caramel baby cardigan made of synthetic fibers, baby alpaca and merinos wool
    My favorite baby cardigan of the collection is knitted with high-quality wool that does not sting and is very soft and silky.
    To be called baby alpaca, the wool from young alpacas must be a few microns thick. It is, therefore, thinner and lighter than wool from an adult alpaca. In addition to this thermoregulatory quality, it is hypoallergenic and perfectly adapted to the delicate skin of babies for daily use.
    Mixed with synthetic fibers, the wool becomes more supple, and the strength and the extensibility are reinforced. On the other hand, the addition of synthetic fibers facilitates its maintenance.
    The quality of the materials used enhances the model knitted in jersey stitch. Raglan armholes, wooden buttons, and two pockets, one of which is embroidered with a cute beige kitten head.
  • 45% PA, 30% BABY WP, 25% FINE WE.


  • Cardigan baby.
  • 45% PA, 30% BABY WP, 25% FINE WE.