Ecru Voile Dress

85.00 eur

Brand Emile Et Ida

  • Dress in cotton veil ecru printed "currant". This pattern is an exclusive Emile et ida designed by our stylist Melanie, a small nod to her father in tribute to the jams he makes and which delight her the rest of the year. It is made with block print which is an Indian handicraft technique of printing with carved wooden blocks.
    Block printed fabrics age well but it is normal that over time the pattern loses a little of its intensity. This technique allows a return to the craft and the valorization of the manual gesture. Who says manual, says imperfection. We find indeed an irregular and imperfect side of the patterns, which also brings all the authenticity to the product.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Abito lungo.
  • 100% cotone.